Affordable X-Ray Providers in Iowa


When it comes to healthcare expenses, finding affordable options can be a daunting task. In this article, we will delve into the realm of X-ray services in Iowa and explore the most affordable provider in the state. Access to affordable diagnostic imaging is crucial for individuals seeking medical care, as it plays a vital role in diagnosing various conditions and guiding treatment plans. By understanding the importance of affordability and uncovering the most cost-effective options available, you can make informed decisions about your healthcare while keeping your budget intact. So let’s dive in and discover who stands out as the most affordable X-ray provider in Iowa.

Cheapest provider in Iowa

Obria Medical Clinics – Ames stands out as the most affordable X-ray provider in the state of Iowa, offering their services starting at approximately $37. While prices may vary based on individual insurance plans, our comprehensive data analysis includes information for Obria Medical Clinics – Ames across 212 plans. With an average cost that beats the state average of $108 by a staggering 65%, this provider is a top contender in terms of affordability.

What sets Obria Medical Clinics – Ames apart and makes them worth considering? It’s not just their attractive pricing. This medical clinic boasts several qualities that make them an excellent choice for your X-ray needs.

1. Affordable Pricing: As mentioned earlier, Obria Medical Clinics – Ames offers X-ray services starting at an impressively low price point of around $37. By providing accessible and affordable care, they prioritize making essential diagnostic imaging services available to a wide range of individuals.

2. High-Quality Imaging: Despite their affordable rates, Obria Medical Clinics – Ames maintains a commitment to delivering high-quality X-ray imaging. Their medical professionals utilize advanced equipment and follow industry-standard protocols to ensure accurate and reliable results. You can trust that you’ll receive exceptional diagnostic imaging without compromising on quality.

3. Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff: Another key aspect that sets Obria Medical Clinics – Ames apart is their team of experienced and knowledgeable staff. From radiologists to technicians, their healthcare professionals possess the expertise necessary to conduct X-ray procedures efficiently and effectively. Their competence and dedication contribute to the overall excellence of the services provided.

4. Patient-Centered Approach: Obria Medical Clinics – Ames prioritizes patient care and takes a patient-centered approach to their services. They understand the importance of making patients feel comfortable and well-informed throughout the X-ray process. The staff strives to address any concerns or questions, ensuring a positive experience for every individual who walks through their doors.

5. Convenient Location: Convenience is a crucial factor when it comes to healthcare services. Obria Medical Clinics – Ames is strategically located, making it easily accessible for residents in and around the Ames area. This central location enhances the overall convenience of accessing their affordable X-ray services.

Choosing an affordable X-ray provider like Obria Medical Clinics – Ames not only helps you save money but also ensures that you receive reliable diagnostic imaging. Their commitment to affordability, quality, experienced staff, patient-centered care, and convenient location make them a standout choice for individuals seeking cost-effective X-ray services in Iowa. By opting for this reputable provider, you can prioritize both your health and your financial well-being.

Factors in Pricing

The cost of an X-ray can vary due to several factors, such as different billing codes associated with specific procedures. X-rays are often comprised of multiple billing codes collectively known as a Comprehensive Procedure Terminology (CPT) code. Each code represents a specific type of imaging or procedure performed during the X-ray process. The variation in these billing codes contributes to the overall cost variability.

Health insurance plans also play a significant role in determining the price of an X-ray. Depending on your coverage and plan details, insurance providers may negotiate different reimbursement rates with healthcare facilities, affecting the out-of-pocket costs for patients. Factors such as deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance percentages can further influence the final price you pay for an X-ray.

Underlying medical conditions can impact the complexity of the X-ray procedure, potentially leading to additional tests or images being required. These additional components might increase the overall cost of the X-ray.

For individuals without insurance, the pricing structure may differ. Uninsured individuals often have to pay the full cost of the X-ray upfront or negotiate cash rates directly with healthcare providers. Cash rates can sometimes be lower than the prices negotiated with insurance companies, providing a more affordable option for those paying out-of-pocket.

To provide an overview of the average costs associated with various CPT codes for X-rays at Obria Medical Clinics – Ames, here is a table highlighting the common codes, their descriptions, and average prices:

CPT Code Description Average Price
70210 X-ray sinuses $54
73030 X-ray shoulder, 1 or 2 views $58
70330 X-ray temporomandibular joint (TMJ) $91

Please note that these prices are averages and may vary depending on factors such as insurance coverage, specific healthcare facilities, and individual circumstances. It’s always advisable to contact the provider directly to obtain accurate and up-to-date pricing information based on your unique situation.

Understanding the factors influencing X-ray pricing empowers you to make informed decisions about your healthcare expenses. Whether you have insurance or are paying out-of-pocket, being aware of these variables can help you navigate the cost landscape and find the most affordable options available.

Other providers to consider

In addition to Obria Medical Clinics – Ames, there are two other healthcare facilities in Iowa that offer exceptionally affordable X-ray services. These providers, MercyOne Centerville Medical Center and Iowa Ortho Imaging Center, are worth considering if Obria Medical Clinics – Ames does not meet your specific needs. These esteemed institutions prioritize accessibility and affordability, ensuring that individuals have alternative options for cost-effective X-ray services in the state.



In conclusion, Iowa residents seeking affordable X-ray services can find solace in providers like Obria Medical Clinics – Ames, MercyOne Centerville Medical Center, and Iowa Ortho Imaging Center. These healthcare facilities prioritize affordability without compromising quality. However, it is essential to remember that while affordable options exist, consulting with a licensed physician and your insurance provider remains crucial before undergoing any medical treatment. By combining affordability with professional guidance, you can confidently navigate the realm of healthcare and make informed decisions for your well-being.

Dr. Paxton Woodland
Dr. Paxton Woodland
Dr. Paxton Woodland is on a mission to make healthcare affordable and accessible to all. With his expertise in various disciplines, he tirelessly advocates for underprivileged individuals, spreading awareness and working towards bridging the gap in medical resources. Driven by a genuine empathy, he offers solace and hope, leaving an indelible mark as a true champion of affordable healthcare.