Affordable Sleep Study Providers in Missouri

Are you in Missouri and in need of a sleep study? Finding an affordable sleep study provider can be challenging, but we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of finding an affordable option for your sleep study needs and introduce you to the most cost-effective sleep study provider in Missouri. Sleep studies play a crucial role in diagnosing sleep disorders and ensuring better overall health and well-being. So, let’s delve into why affordability matters when it comes to sleep studies and discover the most economical choice available to you.

Cheapest provider in Missouri

When it comes to affordability and quality, Mercy Hospital Lincoln stands out as the top choice for sleep studies in Missouri. With their starting price of approximately $589, this exceptional healthcare institution offers a cost-effective option for individuals seeking sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment. Despite varying prices based on insurance plans, data analysis for two common insurance plans reveals that Mercy Hospital Lincoln remains the most affordable provider in the state.

What sets Mercy Hospital Lincoln apart is its commitment to delivering exceptional care at an affordable price. In addition to their competitive pricing, they boast a range of qualities that make them a stellar choice for your sleep study needs.

First and foremost, Mercy Hospital Lincoln has a dedicated team of experienced sleep specialists and trained technicians who are well-versed in diagnosing and treating various sleep disorders. Their expertise ensures accurate results and personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

Furthermore, Mercy Hospital Lincoln is equipped with state-of-the-art sleep study facilities, including comfortable rooms and advanced monitoring equipment. These modern amenities contribute to a positive patient experience, fostering a relaxing environment conducive to obtaining accurate sleep data during the study.

Not only does Mercy Hospital Lincoln prioritize affordability, but they also prioritize patient comfort and convenience. Their friendly and compassionate staff strive to create a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that patients feel well-cared for throughout the entire sleep study process.

Considering the significant cost savings compared to the state average, which stands at $1615, Mercy Hospital Lincoln emerges as an outstanding choice, surpassing the average by an impressive 63%. With their exceptional services, commitment to affordability, and dedication to patient well-being, Mercy Hospital Lincoln should be at the top of your list when searching for an affordable sleep study provider in Missouri.

In the next section, we will delve into why finding an affordable sleep study provider is particularly important, shedding light on the impact of sleep disorders and the benefits of early detection and treatment.

Factors in Pricing

The cost of a sleep study can vary based on several factors, including different billing codes, health insurance plans, underlying medical conditions, and whether or not you’re uninsured. At Mercy Hospital Lincoln, the sleep study is typically billed using multiple Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes that collectively make up the comprehensive assessment. Here are the average costs for specific CPT codes at Mercy Hospital Lincoln:

CPT Code Description Average Price
95810 Sleep study, unattended, minimum of 7 channels $1,472

The CPT code 95810 represents a sleep study that is unattended, requiring a minimum of 7 channels for monitoring various aspects of sleep. This code provides a snapshot of the sleep study procedure and its associated cost.

When it comes to health insurance plans, the coverage and reimbursement rates can differ significantly. Some insurance plans may cover the full or partial cost of a sleep study, while others may require copayments, deductibles, or prior authorization. It’s essential to review your insurance policy and contact your provider to understand the specific details of your coverage.

Underlying medical conditions can also impact the price of a sleep study. In some cases, additional tests or specialized monitoring equipment may be necessary if you have specific health concerns or comorbidities. These additional requirements can contribute to an increased overall cost.

For those who are uninsured, the price of a sleep study can be a significant concern. However, Mercy Hospital Lincoln offers cash rates and discounted options for uninsured individuals. These alternative payment options aim to provide more affordable access to essential healthcare services, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to receive the care they need.

Understanding the factors that contribute to the variability of sleep study costs empowers individuals to make informed decisions and explore potential financial assistance options. Whether you have insurance coverage or are uninsured, Mercy Hospital Lincoln strives to provide affordable options for sleep studies while maintaining high-quality care.

Other providers to consider

If Mercy Hospital Lincoln is not a suitable option for your sleep study needs, there are a couple of other healthcare providers worth considering in Missouri. These providers offer exceptionally affordable sleep study services and prioritize delivering high-quality care. While we won’t discuss their specific pricing, rest assured that these alternatives are budget-friendly options:

1. CoxHealth Branson-Stone County Therapy Services: CoxHealth Branson-Stone County Therapy Services is renowned for its commitment to providing comprehensive and affordable healthcare services. With their expertise in sleep disorders, they can conduct thorough sleep studies to help diagnose and manage various sleep-related conditions.

2. Mercy Clinic Family Medicine – Branson West: Mercy Clinic Family Medicine – Branson West offers a broad range of medical services, including sleep studies, at affordable rates. Their team of skilled professionals ensures personalized care while prioritizing affordability, making them an excellent choice for those seeking cost-effective sleep study options.

Consider reaching out to CoxHealth Branson-Stone County Therapy Services or Mercy Clinic Family Medicine – Branson West if Mercy Hospital Lincoln doesn’t meet your specific needs. These providers share a common goal of delivering high-quality, affordable sleep study services to individuals in Missouri.


In conclusion, finding affordable sleep study providers in Missouri is indeed possible. Mercy Hospital Lincoln stands out as the most cost-effective option, offering exceptional care at a fraction of the average state price. However, it’s crucial to consult with a licensed physician and your insurance provider to ensure the best course of action for your specific situation. Remember, affordable healthcare options are available, and with proper research and guidance, you can access the care you need without compromising your financial well-being.

Dr. Paxton Woodland
Dr. Paxton Woodland
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