Affordable Colonoscopy Providers in Texas

Are you looking for the most affordable Colonoscopy provider in Texas? In this article, we will delve into the importance of finding an affordable provider for this crucial medical procedure. We understand that healthcare costs can be a significant burden, and we aim to help you navigate the complexities of finding an affordable option without compromising on quality. By focusing on affordability, we can ensure that individuals from all walks of life have access to essential healthcare services. So let’s explore why it matters to find an affordable Colonoscopy provider and discover who the most cost-effective option is in Texas.

Cheapest provider in Texas

Texoma Medical Center, located in Texas, stands out as the most affordable provider for Colonoscopy services in the state. With prices starting at approximately $60, they offer a remarkably cost-effective option for individuals seeking this vital medical procedure. While it’s important to note that prices may vary based on insurance plans, our data analysis includes information from 14 different plans, revealing Texoma Medical Center’s affordability compared to the state average of $1298—a remarkable 95% cost reduction.

Texoma Medical Center provides a host of qualities that make them an excellent choice for those searching for affordable Colonoscopy services. Their commitment to offering competitive pricing without compromising quality sets them apart. By prioritizing accessibility and affordability, they ensure that individuals from various financial backgrounds can receive necessary medical care.

Moreover, Texoma Medical Center boasts a dedicated team of healthcare professionals renowned for their expertise and commitment to patient well-being. Their skilled physicians and staff members deliver exceptional care and prioritize patient comfort throughout the entire Colonoscopy process. With advanced medical technology and a focus on delivering accurate results, patients can have confidence in the quality of care they receive.

Choosing Texoma Medical Center means gaining access to top-notch facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. These cutting-edge resources enable precise diagnosis and efficient procedures, ensuring the highest standards of care during Colonoscopy examinations. The combination of skilled professionals, compassionate care, and advanced technology makes Texoma Medical Center an outstanding choice for those seeking both affordability and excellence in Colonoscopy services.

When considering medical providers for Colonoscopy, affordability should not be the sole criterion. It is essential to find a provider who strikes the right balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. Texoma Medical Center exemplifies this ideal, offering competitive prices while upholding a reputation for exceptional care. By choosing Texoma Medical Center, individuals can gain peace of mind knowing they are receiving the best possible care at an affordable price.

Factors in Pricing

The cost of a Colonoscopy can vary due to several factors, including the different billing codes associated with the procedure. A Colonoscopy consists of multiple CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes, each representing a specific aspect of the examination. These codes collectively determine the overall cost of the procedure. Here is an overview of some of the CPT codes and their associated average costs at Texoma Medical Center:

CPT Code Description Average Cost
45378 Colonoscopy with biopsy(s) $1495
45380 Colonoscopy, with removal of tumor(s), polyp(s) $1949
45381 Colonoscopy, with control of bleeding $1949
45382 Colonoscopy, with dilation $1949
45384 Colonoscopy through stoma $1949
45385 Colonoscopy, with removal of foreign body $1949
45386 Colonoscopy, with control of hemorrhage $1949
45391 Colonoscopy, with ablation of tumor(s), polyp(s) $1949
45392 Colonoscopy, with removal of tumor(s), polyp(s) by hot biopsy forceps $1949
45393 Colonoscopy, with removal of tumor(s), polyp(s) by snare technique $1949
45395 Colonoscopy, with removal of foreign body $60
45397 Colonoscopy, with balloon dilation $60
45398 Colonoscopy, with placement of stent $1949
45399 Unlisted procedure, colon $1495

It’s important to note that the prices mentioned above are averages and may vary depending on individual circumstances and insurance coverage. Health insurance plans play a significant role in determining the final cost of a Colonoscopy. The specific coverage and benefits provided by different insurance plans can impact the out-of-pocket expenses for individuals. Those with comprehensive insurance plans may have a portion or all of the procedure costs covered, while individuals with limited coverage may need to pay more.

Underlying medical conditions can also influence the cost of a Colonoscopy. In some cases, additional procedures or interventions may be necessary based on the patient’s health status, leading to increased expenses. Furthermore, being uninsured can significantly impact the price of a Colonoscopy. Uninsured individuals often face higher out-of-pocket costs and may not benefit from negotiated rates that insurance companies have with healthcare providers. In such cases, providers like Texoma Medical Center may offer cash rates or discounts to make the procedure more affordable for those without insurance.

Understanding the factors that contribute to the variable pricing of Colonoscopy helps individuals make informed decisions about their healthcare. By considering insurance coverage, underlying medical conditions, and exploring options for uninsured individuals, individuals can navigate the financial aspects of this vital procedure effectively.

Other providers to consider

If Texoma Medical Center doesn’t meet your requirements, there are other low-cost providers in Texas that offer affordable Colonoscopy services. Two notable options worth considering are Christus St. Michael Health System and University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler. These providers also prioritize affordability and ensure access to quality healthcare services.


In conclusion, finding an affordable Colonoscopy provider in Texas is possible, with options like Texoma Medical Center, Christus St. Michael Health System, and University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler offering cost-effective services. While these providers strive to make healthcare accessible, it is crucial for individuals to consult with a licensed physician and their insurance before pursuing any medical treatment. By combining affordability with professional guidance, individuals can ensure they receive optimal care while managing their healthcare expenses effectively.

Dr. Paxton Woodland
Dr. Paxton Woodland
Dr. Paxton Woodland is on a mission to make healthcare affordable and accessible to all. With his expertise in various disciplines, he tirelessly advocates for underprivileged individuals, spreading awareness and working towards bridging the gap in medical resources. Driven by a genuine empathy, he offers solace and hope, leaving an indelible mark as a true champion of affordable healthcare.