Affordable Sleep Study Providers in Montana

When it comes to ensuring our overall well-being, sleep plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, for those experiencing sleep-related issues, such as sleep apnea or insomnia, additional evaluation may be necessary. Sleep studies, also known as polysomnography, are diagnostic tests that monitor various aspects of your sleep to help identify and address underlying sleep disorders. In this article, we will delve into the importance of finding an affordable Sleep Study provider and highlight the most cost-effective option available in the beautiful state of Montana. So, let’s explore how you can prioritize your sleep health without straining your budget.

Cheapest provider in Montana

When it comes to finding an affordable Sleep Study provider in Montana, one name stands out: Providence Broadway Internal Medicine. This renowned healthcare facility offers sleep study services starting at approximately $157, making them an excellent choice for individuals seeking cost-effective solutions for their sleep-related concerns.

What sets Providence Broadway Internal Medicine apart is not only their competitive pricing but also their commitment to quality care. With a track record of excellence in the medical field, they have earned the trust and confidence of patients across Montana. Their team of experienced and highly skilled professionals ensures that you receive the utmost attention and comprehensive evaluation during your sleep study.

One of the remarkable aspects of Providence Broadway Internal Medicine is their dedication to patient-centric care. They understand the financial constraints many individuals face when it comes to accessing healthcare services. By providing sleep studies at such an affordable price, they have made it possible for more people to prioritize their sleep health without straining their budgets.

It’s worth noting that while the initial price of approximately $157 is an attractive feature, it’s important to remember that individual costs may vary depending on your insurance plan. However, our data analysis, which includes information for 21 different plans, reveals that Providence Broadway Internal Medicine consistently offers the most affordable sleep study services in the state of Montana.

Compared to the state average of $1339, Providence Broadway Internal Medicine’s prices are an astonishing 88% lower, making them the top choice for budget-conscious individuals seeking reliable sleep study evaluations.

By choosing Providence Broadway Internal Medicine as your Sleep Study provider, you can rest assured that affordability does not compromise the quality of care you receive. Their combination of competitive pricing, experienced professionals, and patient-centered approach makes them a standout option in Montana’s healthcare landscape. Take the first step towards better sleep health by considering Providence Broadway Internal Medicine for your sleep study needs.

Factors in Pricing

The price of a Sleep Study can vary depending on several factors, including billing codes, health insurance plans, underlying medical conditions, and whether you are uninsured. A Sleep Study typically involves multiple billing codes, collectively known as a Sleep Study, to capture different aspects of the evaluation process.

At Providence Broadway Internal Medicine, the average cost for a Sleep Study includes the following billing codes:

CPT Code Description Average Price
95810 Sleep Study, Polysomnography $912

Please note that these costs represent average figures and may vary based on individual circumstances and insurance coverage.

Health insurance plans play a significant role in determining the final cost of a Sleep Study. The coverage provided by your insurance plan, such as copayments, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses, can impact the amount you’ll be responsible for paying. It’s essential to review your insurance policy and communicate with your provider to understand the specific details of your coverage.

Individuals with underlying medical conditions might require additional tests or specialized procedures during their Sleep Study, which could result in higher costs. These conditions may require more comprehensive monitoring and evaluation to accurately diagnose and treat sleep-related disorders.

For those who are uninsured, the price of a Sleep Study can be a concern. However, Providence Broadway Internal Medicine offers cash rates for individuals without insurance coverage. These rates may provide a more affordable option compared to standard fees charged to insured patients. If you are uninsured, it’s advisable to inquire about available discounts or payment plans to help manage the cost of your Sleep Study.

Understanding the variables that influence the cost of a Sleep Study is crucial when considering this diagnostic test. By being aware of the billing codes involved, the impact of health insurance plans, and the potential differences based on underlying medical conditions or being uninsured, you can make informed decisions about your sleep health while considering your financial situation.


In conclusion, finding an affordable Sleep Study provider in Montana is indeed possible. Providers like Providence Broadway Internal Medicine, Montana Sleep Specialists, Big Sky Sleep Center, and SleepWell Montana offer cost-effective options for individuals seeking sleep evaluations without straining their finances. However, it’s crucial to consult with a licensed physician and your insurance provider to ensure that you make informed decisions regarding your healthcare. Remember, prioritizing your sleep health is within reach, and by exploring these affordable providers, you can take proactive steps towards improving your overall well-being.

Dr. Paxton Woodland
Dr. Paxton Woodland
Dr. Paxton Woodland is on a mission to make healthcare affordable and accessible to all. With his expertise in various disciplines, he tirelessly advocates for underprivileged individuals, spreading awareness and working towards bridging the gap in medical resources. Driven by a genuine empathy, he offers solace and hope, leaving an indelible mark as a true champion of affordable healthcare.